Winnipeg Police Credit Union Loan Glossary

If the debenture borrowing is approved by the SMB, the debenture must also be signed by the chairperson of the SMB. Where a part only of the original foreign debt is refinanced, a portion of the amount required to be paid under subsection in respect of the original foreign debt that bears the same proportion to the whole of that amount as the portion of the original foreign debt that is refinanced bears to the whole of the original foreign debt. A statement by the treasurer indicating whether, in his or her opinion, all of the forward rate agreements entered during the period of the report are consistent with the City’s statement of policies and goals relating to the use of forward rate agreements. Bonds, debentures, promissory notes or other evidence of indebtedness of a corporation if the City first acquires the bond, debenture, promissory note or other evidence of indebtedness as a gift in a will and the gift is not made for a charitable purpose.

To guarantee the repayment of any loan referred to in paragraph under a revolving credit with the liability of the guarantor limited to the statutory amount. Debentures issued for a municipality may be made payable as to both principal and interest in Canada in Canadian currency, in the United States in United States currency, or in the United Kingdom in sterling. A debenture issued and payable to a person or order is, after endorsement in blank by the person, transferable by delivery. A debenture transferable by delivery may be subsequently made payable to a person or his order and registered under section 350.

A debenture is issued by the business receiving the loan as a promise to repay a borrowed sum. Traditional loans are issued by the lender. The moneys realized from a loan made by any municipality shall be applied exclusively to the purposes for which they are intended. If they exceed the amount required for such purposes, the excess may be applied to other purposes specified in a subsequent by-law, approved in the same manner as a loan by-law in accordance with the Act governing the municipality. The term for repayment of a loan effected by a municipality may not exceed 40 years nor the useful life of the property that the proceeds of the loan enable the municipality to acquire, repair, restore or build.


For more information visit the City’s website or follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. The borrower promises to repay the capital value of the bond, along with interest at a specific date. Cities may borrow by way of debenture within their debt limit without any further approval from the SMB. A city may borrow up to two times that total estimated amount and all other municipalities may borrow up to one times that total estimated amount.

A debenture with a certificate of ownership endorsed on it is transferable only by entry by the treasurer in the debenture registry book, after a transfer is authorized by the then owner, his personal representative or the attorney of either. The taking of special security under this section shall not limit or affect in any way the general liability of the municipality for any money authorized to be borrowed under this section. Notwithstanding any provision of this Act, the council, without the assent of the electors or approval of the inspector, may provide by bylaw for the borrowing of money that may be necessary to meet current lawful expenditures. The bylaw shall provide that sums be raised and levied in each year during the currency of the securities sufficient to pay interest and repay principal when due.

What are the risks of debentures?

The main risk that fixed-rate debentures and unsecured notes holders are exposed to is the opportunity cost that a better rate of return may be available elsewhere if interest rates were to increase. The credit risk is the risk that the investor's interest and/or capital are not repaid by the borrower.

Specifying a reference rate of interest, which is the market rate of interest payable on a specified future date on an acceptance issued by a bank listed in Schedule I, II or III to the Bank Act . A statement about the status of the agreements during the period of the report, including a comparison of the expected and actual results of using the agreements. The fixed costs and estimated costs to the City resulting from the use of such agreements.

Business Technology

A debenture is a legal certificate that states how much money the investor gave , the interest rate to be paid and the schedule of payments. Investors usually receive their principal back when the debenture matures (i.e., at the end of its term). That means the business typically only pays the interest during the loan period and then repays the full principal when the certificate matures. Any provision in any special Act to the contrary notwithstanding, any local municipality which has contracted a loan by an issue of bonds, without the by-law authorizing such loan making provision for the collection of a sinking fund, may, by by-law, impose a special tax for the purpose of creating a sinking fund to repay such loan at maturity. When a municipality wishes to contract a loan from a money market other than the Canadian market or which is to be repaid in whole or in part in foreign currency, such municipality must previously be authorized to do so by the Minister of Finance.

For example, some financial institutions offer businesses working capital loans that are not secured by any collateral. Working capital loans aren’t debentures; they are issued by the lender. A debenture, on the other hand, is issued by the business receiving the borrowed amount. Where the interest for one year or more on a debenture, or the principal of one of a series of debentures, issued under a loan by-law, has been paid by the municipality which has issued such debentures, the by-law authorizing such issue, and the debentures issued thereunder, shall thereupon become valid and binding upon such municipality.

difference between debenture and loan

The semi-annual interest to be paid has to take each principal amount, times its own interest rate, divided by “2”, to capture the 6-month payment. See the long “drawn out” mechanics of how the repayment schedule is tabulated. The cost of the borrowing depends on the term of the debenture and market conditions. The pricing is based on the Province of Nova Scotia’s cost of funds, plus a number of basis points for the NSMFC. The NSMFC also charges a fee for the reserve fund and covers issuing costs. NSMFC debenture prices have remained consistently lower than commercial banks and financial institutions.

Follow-on financing: When to seek additional funding and how

The Government may make such regulations as it may deem proper, concerning the formalities to be followed in connection with this division. It may also establish a tariff of duties and fees payable by the interested municipalities, in connection with the deposits and their reimbursement. The moneys managed by the Minister of Finance in conformity with this division and the interest accrued thereon shall be unseizable, save and except in execution of a final judgment from a competent court rendered in favor of the lender, or of one or more of the bondholders, for whose benefit the sinking fund has been created. Where a debenture is registered in the name of a person under Division IX, it may be transferred only if the registration is corrected so that the name of the transferee is specified thereon or so that it is indicated that the debenture is payable to bearer. The agreement must designate the person responsible for performing the duties which are imposed by sections 24 and 25 on the clerk, the secretary or the clerk-treasurer of the municipality, as the case may be.

The business borrowing the money would repay the full $1,000,000 on January 31, 2030. The owner of a convertible debenture has the right to convert the loan into shares of the issuing business under the conditions set out in the debenture certificate. A debenture can also be partially convertible, which means part of its value can be converted into shares and cash. The company has to register a charge with the Registrar within days after its creation.

  • Notwithstanding any contrary provision in a general law or special Act, a municipality may effect loans, by way of an issue of bonds, up to a sum not exceeding 50% of the annual amounts due and required for its sinking fund or for the payment of the annual amounts in capital due at maturity in respect of previous loans by means of bonds.
  • It’s important to note that not all unsecured loans are debentures.
  • The legal term “debenture” originally referred to a document that either creates a debt or acknowledges it, but the term is now used interchangeably with bond, loan stock or note.
  • A short-term debt instrument issued by a corporation, but guaranteed by a bank, and sold on a discounted basis.

Clients can request construction loans through the online loan application and also view a summary of advances previously taken. All new loan applications are subject to loan pricing based on the borrower’s market sector. Debt and appears in the liabilities section of a company’s balance sheet.

Like a mortgage, it is a long-term debt that is paid back over time according to a fixed payment schedule. Unlike a mortgage, however, debenture payments are fixed for the entire loan period, and are not renegotiated every few years. Under the Cities, Towns and Villages Act, a municipal corporation may obtain, on approval difference between debenture and loan by the Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs and the ratepayers, a long term loan secured by debenture. Under the Loan Authorization Act the Commissioner may, on behalf of the Government, make loans to municipalities for municipal purposes and may delegate this responsibility to the Minister of Finance.

Can one borrowers default, make other borrowers liable for their loan?

Debentures and other instruments relating to the contracting or repayment of debts, authorized to be executed for a municipality, unless otherwise specially authorized, shall be sealed with the municipal seal and signed by the mayor and treasurer. Securities issued under a bylaw adopted under this section rank as debenture debt of the municipality. On the date when a security is payable under this section, unless renewed by mutual agreement for a further term, the lender is entitled to receive, in payment of the obligation created by the security, debentures having a total par value equal to the face value of the security. All debentures issued under the same security issuing bylaw shall bear the same date, unless the bylaw provides for 2 or more series of debentures, when all debentures in the same series shall bear the same date.

What are the advantages of debentures?

The advantages of debentures are: The company's control remains in the hands of its shareholders, even the profit-sharing ratio remains the same. Debentures holders are paid off first, as it is treated as a liability to the business. The use of debentures can encourage long-term funding to grow a business.

Infrastructure Ontario’s debenture process will meet the accountability needs of both the province and borrowers, and is consistent with the current process used by borrowers when they go to the capital markets to sell debentures. Infrastructure Ontario staff spoke to various large and small municipal borrowers prior to setting up the debenturing process. The result is a process that is very similar to other debenture processes.

Loan Glossary

Such responsibility shall be joint and several, and shall apply to the clerk-treasurer or other officer who causes any such illegal diversion of moneys, or takes any part therein. Appearing in the Schedule as now or hereafter amended where such statutory amount or part of a statutory amount is not or has not been the subject of a guarantee or loan by Her Majesty in right of the province under this Act. Appearing in the Schedule as now or hereafter amended where such statutory amount or part of a statutory amount is not or has not been the subject of a loan or guarantee by Her Majesty in right of the province under this Act.

A portion of current revenue is set aside in a special account to accumulate, and to be used to finance a specific capital project in the future. Subsection 43 of The Manitoba Hydro Act does not apply to or in respect of any payment made under this Act, whether the payment is made by Manitoba Hydro to the government or made by the Minister of Finance to Manitoba Hydro. A written promise committing an individual or institution to repay a specified sum of money either on demand or at a fixed or determinable future date, with or without interest. An amount that an individual authorizes to be automatically withdrawn from his or her deposit account on a regular basis.

The Company intends to spin-off these assets and its intellectual property and patent applications into its subsidiary Halo Tek Inc. and expects to complete a distribution to shareholders on a record date to be determined by Halo. Halo is a leading, vertically integrated cannabis company that cultivates, extracts, manufactures, and distributes quality cannabis flower, oils, and concentrates and has sold approximately eleven million grams of oils and concentrates since inception. The Company continues to expand its business and scale efficiently, partnering with trustworthy leaders in the industry who value Halo’s operational expertise in bringing top-tier products to market.

difference between debenture and loan

Where the payment of any interest referred to in subsection is or has been guaranteed, the Minister acting for and on behalf of the Crown in right of Newfoundlandand Labradormay and shall be deemed to have had power to incur liability in excess of the statutory amount to the extent of the guarantee of interest. A convertible debenture is typically secured and is used as an alternative to an equity financing round—it may include the protective provisions and other terms for the benefit of investors typically found in a shareholders’ agreement. A municipality is not bound to see to the execution of a trust, express, implied or constructive, to which a municipal debenture or security is subject.

Is debenture an asset or liability?

The investment in debentures is a non-current investment, and it is shown on the assets side of the balance sheet.

Whether the future price or cost to the City of the applicable commodities will be lower or more stable than they would be without the agreements. Ongoing monitoring with respect to the agreements. Borrowers can contact their Relationship Manager who will provide a current indicative rate, as well as answer any financing questions. This loan pricing approach ensures that Infrastructure Ontario can support all eligible clients in an equitable and non-discriminatory manner.

The registration is to protect the secured creditor and to notify those doing business with the company on the amount of the company’s debts. An arrangement where a company borrows money on the security of a specific asset is known as a fixed charge. A floating charge is not secured on specific ascertainable assets but upon a pool of assets that are being used for a company’s business operation. The new CA provides that where a corporation offers debentures to the public for subscription in Malaysia, the debentures or the relevant trust deed shall contain a limitation on the amount that the borrowing corporation may borrow and shall contain covenants by the borrowing corporation.

Shares issued by a corporation that is incorporated under the laws of Canada or a province of Canada. The types of projects for which bond forward agreements are appropriate. Borrowing and selling one or more debt instruments issued by the Government of Canada or the Province of Ontario (“government debt instruments”). This pricing approach ensures that Infrastructure Ontario can support all eligible clients in an equitable and non-discriminatory manner. All eligible clients within each sector share the same affordable rates, and same benefits of the loan program. Our rates are based on the same concept, but we take the process one step further and determine the single interest rate that equates to the rates across the whole term of the loan.

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